Project Sites and Target Farming Systems

Agro-ecological zonePrevailing Farming SystemGhanaKenyaUganda (only for OFSA)
Semi - AridCereals –Legumes – Vegetables - LivestockVegetables
(West Mampurusi)
Humid Zone 1Cereals –Cocoa (GH); Tea/Macadamia (KE) - Livestock - Vegetables - Legumes Cocoa
(Ashanti Region)
Macadamia Nuts
(2 Sites)
Humid Zone 2Cereals –Fruits (pineapples/banana/mango/citrus) - Livestock - Vegetables - Legumes Cabbage

In both Ghana and Kenya, ProEcoAfrica is assessing the productivity and profitability of selected organically produced plantation crops and vegetables in comparison with those produced through conventional methods. In Ghana the focus is on cocoa (Theobroma cacao) and vegetables. In Kenya the focus is on Macadamia nuts (Macadamia integrifolia), Mango (Mangifera indica) and vegetables. OFSA is complementing the ProEcoAfrica studies through assessment of the sustainability of the same systems including in coffee-based systems in Uganda.